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Jennifer Orkin Lewis is an artist, illustrator and author who divides her time in a very colorful house right outside of New York City and a small studio in the city. She has been obsessed with painting from an early age, was always making art and creating something new. She is known for her daily sketchbook paintings which she has been doing for over 5 years. 

Every day, weekends and vacations included, she paints for up to 30 minutes for personal satisfaction, the things that inspire and surround her. It has become a visual diary of them oments that pass by, sometimes unnoticed. It may be high flying bird, a field of weeds, a broken teacup or details in a large crowd of people, to the little  things she does that take up a day such as gardening, a bike ride or a visit to a museum.  

Her paintings are primarily gouache and watercolor but also include ink, penciland the occasional marker.  She was a textile designer and stylist before becoming an illustrator. Besides the sketchbook, she has worked with clients such as Anthropologie, Abrams Books, Chronicle Books, Flow Magazine, Kate Spade, Eeboo, TeNeues and now Dear Stella! As well as many more. She also teaches painting classes on Creativebug as well as workshops and retreats.


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