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Katie is originally from Arizona but she and her husband now live in the frosty state of North Dakota with their four beautiful girls. They only get a few months of beautiful weather a year so they are always camping, outside playing or just sitting on the patio relaxing. During the fall and winter, Katie always dreams of sitting on a warm sunny beach. She takes a lot of inspiration from their summers at the beach, with their camper nestled in at the most beautiful campground full of wild flowers, and her dreams of traveling to warm destinations.

Katie has always been a crafter. As a child, she and her mom nurtured this passion. A craft bin with every color crayon, paints and coloring books was always available. Not much has changed, Katie now has cabinets full of her favorite watercolors, acrylics and pencils. Having four girls, who all have the “crafty” trait, is so much fun. Their thirst for sewing / painting knowledge makes her the proudest mom ever (even if they do steal all her crafting supplies).

Katie has dreamed of becoming a fabric designer since she started sewing 9 years ago. She started her sewing journey as a quilter. Her first quilt was for her oldest daughter and even though it was far from perfect, Katie was so proud she had made something that she knew she would treasure forever. That was it! Katie got bit by the quilting bug and within a year she had started her own little fabric shop just so she could have all the beautiful fabrics she wanted. As Katie's two older girls were getting a little bigger, she decided it would be fun to make them dresses. It was hard to find patterns that weren’t covered in ruffles, and she wanted simple, modern designs so she ended up designing them herself, which led to Katie to start Simple Life Pattern Company where she and her team design the cutest baby, girl's & women’s patterns. Katie has recently gone back to her roots and started designing more quilt patterns which has made her so happy.


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