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Pat's passion for sewing materialized at the age of 9, when she sat down at her mother’s sewing machine for the first time. At the age of 13, she joined a sewing school in her native Buenos Aires, learning everything about fabrics, dressmaking, and patterns. For many years Pat lived in this wonderful world, until it was time to go to college. She decided to study law and sew on the side, but soon realized that this was not her dream. Pat dropped out and took three years of painting classes and around this time, she met the love of her life, Walter Bravo. Twenty-seven years later, they're still married and have a beautiful son together. He is her friend, her confidant, her everything… and her partner in their company, Art Gallery Fabrics.

In 1989, Pat and her family moved to the United States and she became pregnant with her son, Alex. Pat's life changed radically after the move. Everything was completely new for her: the people, the culture, the food, the city. It was such an intense period of adaption, that for a good amount of time, she had no energy to do the things that she loved and cherished. That all changed when Walter got Pat her first sewing machine! With that, Pat immediately came back to life!

Pat fell in love with quilting, sewing triangles and squares together, eventually teaching herself everything that could be achieved using traditional quilting techniques. Throughout the years, Pat's taste started evolving and she began to cross the bridge towards art quilts. First, she started with landscapes and with time her style became more abstract. Pat had a hard time finding color variations in batiks and that’s when she decided to paint her own fabrics. She began to see that quilters loved them, and not too long after that, Walter and Pat founded Art Gallery Fabrics.

Pat is convinced that everybody is born to do something in life. Designing fabric is what she was born to do and she is sure that this is what she will do for the rest of her life.


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