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Robin Pickens' life is a combination of the work she loves and is passionate about, her search for healthier living, being aware of the little gems in the days and weeks, growing a business while keeping her family a priority, managing her creative time at the office, enjoying every second of my days, and crafting a creative, happy life.

She's been in the corporate world of broadcast design, having worked for years designing and animating graphics for tv shows and managing others. It came with rewards and prestige but also came with stress, long days, and a nagging sense that I was not doing what she came here to do, both in her daily living and her art. She decided to pursue work that was more personal and artistic through illustration, textile and surface design and exploring ways of sharing her vision through licensing her artwork. Robin's work starts from her heart and blooms with color, happiness and inspiration. She loves to create. Whether it is decorating she and her family's work-in-progress modern-ish home or making up a new recipe for friends and family, it is all part of the creative journey. Her work projects range from greeting cards and calendars to collections for tabletop and entertaining, to rugs and home decor. Her days at her studio help her create the space she comes home to, with products to share and products for the home - ones with color, warmth, connection and stylish design.

It’s all a work in progress…and along the way she has met wonderful artists, her great agent, helpful manufacturers and good friends as she continues to learn new things everyday about the industries she creates for.


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