Victoria Findlay Wolfe Portrait


From a young age, Victoria has been obsessed with “making.” She’s done it all from painting, cross stitch, rug making, photography, stained glass and pottery. She started sewing from a very young age, with a mother who sewed garments and a father who had an upholstery business on the farm in Minnesota. 

But it was her Grandmother who influenced her the most - with her amazing polyester double knit quilts.  Sleeping under those bright, thick quilts kept her warm during those cold MN winters. The colors of those quilts are embedded in Victoria and seep into her work. 

Trained as a Fine Artist with a BFA in Painting, she was hooked into the world of quilting when she realized she can make quilts the same way she paints, by pushing color around to get a desired effect. The tactile nature of a quilt - the fact that it is a quilted hug - makes quilting worthwhile. The joy it brings her to design a quilt, make a quilt, or give a quilt is the only reason she needs to keep exploring color and design!

Victoria’s work balances between traditional, modern, and art quilting styles, and reflects her passion for bringing the fine art of quilting to the modern age.

Victoria is known for producing a huge amount of work, including over 70 Double Wedding Ring quilts. She’s written four books: 15 Minutes of Play, Double Wedding Ring Quilts, Modern Quilt Magic, and Playing with Purpose, a retrospect of her first 35 years of quilt making. She has been designing fabric since 2013, has her own template and pattern line, along with Aurifil thread collections. She sells all of her products at

Her quilts have traveled all over the globe, including Japan, Australia, and hung in museums such as International Quilt Study Center, Visions Art Center, Connecticut Museum of American Art, San Jose Quilt Museum, The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts and the International Quilt Festival Houston. She is an international award -winning quilter, and exhibits, teaches and lectures globally.

She is proud to be a quilter, a mother to Beatrice, and a wife to Michael Findlay, the true loves in Victoria’s life.


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